teachingScholarly Presentations

March 2011- Department of American Studies, The University of Texas at Austin           

“Making a Case for Transnational American Studies: The Yaqui Deportation Database.”

                     March 2011-  Center for Great Plains Studies one-day Symposium, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

                     “Arizona Immigration Law: How Other States Will Follow.”

February 2011- Center for Mexican American Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

“Saved by the Piñeta or not: Petra Santa Cruz de Stevens and the Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Race.”

                     February 2011-The University of Maryland, Baltimore County

                     “Saved by the Piñeta or not: Petra Santa Cruz de Stevens and the Gendered, Sexual Politics of Borderlands


January 2010- Department of English, Arizona State University

“The American 1950’s, Virgin Martyrs, and Chicana Allegories: Thoughts on Santa Maria Goretti and Cultural Production.”

                     December 2009- Department of Spanish, Latina American, and Latino Studies, Mt. Holyoke College

                     “Problematizing Nationalisms: State Sponsored Violence and the Yaqui Indian Wars.”

September 2009- University of Notre Dame

“Virgin Martyrs as Chicana Allegories: Thoughts on Santa Maria Goretti and Cultural Production.”

                     September 2009- Department of History and Latino Studies Program, Northwestern University

                     “State of the Fields(s): Chicano/Latina and Ethnic Studies in the 21st Century.”

April 2009- Department of Global Gender Studies, SUNY Buffalo

“The Bad Fit: Celebratory Chicana/o Nationalisms and the 1851 Lunching of Josefa/Juanita.”

                     April 2009- Keynote, Panelist National Association of Chicana/o Studies Annual ConferenceNew Brunswick, New  


                     “Chicana/o Studies and Transnational Methodologies.”

November 2008- Programa Universitaria de Estudios de Género, UNAM, Mexico City

“Subjectividad, Violencia, y Raza: Las Guerras Yaquis como Silencio Historico Transnaciónal”

                     August 2008- Secretaria de Relació nes Exteriores, Mexico City

                     “Tips for Success” COMEXUS Fulbright Orientation Speaker

April 2008- The Pacific Sociological Association, Portland, Oregon

“25 Years of This Bridge Called My Back, 25 Years of Radical Feminism by Women of Color?”

Presidential Session, 25th Year Anniversary of Teaching This Bridge Called My Back

                     February 2008- Center for Race Politics and Culture, The University of  Chicago

                     “Webs of Violence: The Camp Grant Massacre and Racial, National, and Familial Alliances.”

December 2007- Department of Women’s Studies, Rutgers University

“Why We Still Need A Transnational Latina Feminist Methodology: Revisiting the 1871 Camp Grant Indian Massacre.”

                     January 2006- Department of English, Pitzer College

                     “Masculinities and Excess, Reading Violence and Humor in Denise Chavez’s Face of an Angel.”

October 2005- Department of Sociology, Hampshire College

“Latina Feminist Social Movements.”

                     April 2004- Eastern New Mexico University

                     “Rewriting Chicana Women’s History and the Alma Lopez Controversy in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

April 2004- Faculty Seminar/NEH Grant, Eastern New Mexico University

“Integrating Transnational Feminist Studies and Chicana/o Studies into the Humanities Curriculum.”