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Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles:

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 National Appropriations: Yaqui Autonomy, the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution and the Bicentennial of the Mexican Nation” Forthcoming, The Latin Americanist, 2011 PDF

Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Entries:

Hispanic American Literature Encyclopedia Facts on File Edited By Luz Elena Ramirez  Entries for Denise Chavez, Montserrat Fontes, Last of The Menu Girls,  Face of An Angel, Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton, and Sandra Maria Estevez 9/2008

Book Review:

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Upcoming Books:

¡Santa Lucia! Contemporary Chicana and Latina Cultural Reinterpretations of 

Saint Iconographies

Santa Lucia! Contemporary Chicana and Latina Cultural Reinterpretations of Saint Iconographies examines a number of recent texts that narrate subjectivity through kitschy and queered representations of Catholic saints in literary, self-help, visual and performative forms. These alternative saint iconographies provide a site for theorizing subjectivity as they reinterpret the deeply disturbing and often violent hagiographies of Catholic saints as queered or kitsch cultural allegories.

Red Devils and Railroads: Race, Gender and Capitalism in the Transnational

Nineteenth Century Mexico Borderlands

Red Devils and Railroads: Race, Gender and Capitalism in the Nineteenth Century Greater Mexico Borderlands tracks the development of the railroad and gendered relations at both the southern Mexico borderlands between Guatemala, Belize and Chiapas and the U.S./Mexico border to the north. Based on the archival sources collected while on the Fulbright in Mexico City, it is my contention that racialized masculinity, femininity, representations and performances of gender were some of the most contentious sites where power was enacted, negotiated, and redistributed. What is more, these sites were characterized by the unequal time/space continuum ushered in by the coming of the railroad.